Benefits of skin whitening creams, should you be using one?

Skin whitening creams may not be the final touch toward improving the aesthetic side of your personality, but they could be the one that adds a certain dose of charm to your world. Instead of talking about how far we, the human civilization, have come in our intention to conquer the entire world of beauty and allow everyone to be just like they’ve always dreamed, it would be of greater importance for each one of us to talk about the beneficial side of the inventions we collected throughout the last few years.

Benefits of Skin Whitening Creams

Scientists and biologists (especially Charles Darwin) would agree that every part of us depends a lot on some predetermined factors. That being said, you can’t really walk in a time machine, return to the time when you were just an idea and ‘tweak’ some settings to match your taste and make your skin brighter and glowing – even though you’d certainly fancy watching the younger version of yourself grow older. However, you may be able to alter the future and thus secure yourself a place in the top 10 most attractive girls in your town – or maybe even worldwide.

What Ingredients Do They Use?

Digging deeper into the formulas of some skin whitening creams allows you to find out more about how they are supposed to make significant changes in your life and if any of the ingredients represent danger for your health. Both natural and synthetic ingredients are involved in the production, which divides skin care products into two different groups and creates a clearer picture about the ones you should use.

If you were about to launch a brand new product aimed at helping people acquire the skin tone they desire, you would probably want to have a couple of ingredients that have been proven to work at your disposal: kojic acid, alpha arbutin, mercury and hydroquinone.
Kojic acid (just ignore the word ‘acid’), also known as ‘koji’, is a chelation agent produced by Aspergillus oryzae and a few other species of fungi. Its optimal concentration in skin whitening creams shouldn’t exceed the 2% mark, which is the recommended value.
Another natural ingredient that is commonly found in skin whitening creams is alpha arbutin, a hydroquinone that reduces the production of melanin in your skin and is produced by the bearberry plant.

Mercury is an ingredient found not only in skin whitening creams and soaps, but also in eye makeup cleansing products. There are two different forms in which it exists, organic and inorganic. The latter one is widely used to inhibit the production of melanin and can be really effective in lightening the skin, though it has been a matter of discussion ever since it hit the market in the last century. The reason why its use has never been widely accepted by the masses is that it is known to cause a series of side effects, some of which are: memory loss, painful headaches, depression, kidney problems, etc.

Assuming that you have done a small research about the most common ingredients (as the average person would do), you have most likely noticed the term ‘hydroquinone’ being mentioned quite a lot. Even though you simply can’t deny the beneficial effects it has on the skin, it is a very controversial ingredient.

What Are the Benefits?

Every great player in the game is gradually switching to natural alternatives to ensure that each customer will be able to take advantage of their unique formulas without having to think about the potential health consequences. Nature has helped us many times so far and seems to have a solution to every problem of ours, so we do not have to complicate things and seek alternatives we actually do not really need.

By using skin whitening creams, not only will you reduce the amount of melanin in your skin and get a step closer to having the skin tone you’ll be proud of, but you may also experience some changes related to skin blemishes. Age spots and freckles can be influenced by the powerful formula and disappear completely; though this may vary for one reason or another, so take it all with a grain of salt.

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There aren’t any limits in terms of the best age when you should start using skin lightening creams, especially given that they also have anti-aging effects. If you want your skin to be just like back in the days when The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were smashing it on the stages all over the world, you may want to give skin lightening creams a try. Your skin will give the people around you an idea of how disciplined you have been with your diet and how much avoiding chocolate and going to bed at early hours can actually improve your health and lifestyle. However, do not keep them in uncertainty for too long, just have some fun and spread the word about your latest discovery.

If you are thinking that physical characteristics are the only thing that will see an improvement once you start using skin whitening creams, you may want to think again. Assuming that making a huge step forward (as far as the looks are concerned) is your number one must-do thing, you’re very likely to experience some changes related to your mental health and psychological well-being. You’ll become much more confident, ready to face new challenges and, more importantly, speak of yourself with more self-esteem and make the outer world be jealous of what you’ve become.

The Final Verdict

Whether you dream to become a worldwide known fashion model or would simply fancy having a skin tone girls in your neighborhood would be attracted by, you have a lot of space for improvement. Think wisely before heading over to the closest store and purchasing the very first cream you come across though, since stupid decisions could give you unwanted results. On the other hand, the list of benefits seems to be very convincing and, in case you are having a hard time deciding whether you should join the group of people who have tested skin whitening creams, it can really make your life much easier.

Benefits of Skin Whitening Creams
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